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Nose, sinus and bronchial protocol

This protocol comes with cautions but it is very effective in eliminating post-nasal drip,
sinus infections, ear infections, head colds, sore throats, bronchitis, mucus and germs that live in the nose and sinus mucus.
You will be inhaling small measures of gaseous ClO2 into your nose or mouth. But take these special precautions:

Do not drink the mix for this protocol because no water is added to the activated MMS in this instance. Do not use more than 2 or 3 drops of solution. Remember that ClO2 gas generated by the MMS is responsible for killing germs. Unlike the MMS solution that you drink, the way of inhalation of pure ClO2 is the fastest and most effective way to quickly get the exact locations of the head and sinuses where germs easily found.
Your lungs can rapidly absorb the ClO2 gas just as easily as oxygen, causing unexpected depletion of oxygen. Try to breathe normal air during these procedures. IF YOU OVERDOSE AND DEEP BREATH YOU MAY DAMAGE YOUR LUNGS. you can mix 2 to 3 MMS drops with the normal acid (Unfiltered vinegar or citric acid or lemon juice) with 5 drops acid for every one drop of MMS. Do this in a small cup. Do not add water or anything else. DO NOT DRINK THIS MIXTURE.

Almost immediately you will smell the ClO2 gas. Holding the cup under your nose pull in the gas slowly with the goal of letting it pause to circulate in the nose and sinus cavities. It will naturally flow also down through the throat and vocal cords to some extent. Breath it into the nose very slowly so that it lingers a bit in all places it can go. Hold that breath for a few seconds. The ClO2 odor will even be wafted out into the eustation tubes and sometimes out to the inner ears.

After every four slow inhaling actions, move the cup away and take in breaths of normal air.

Reason for caution: gas ClO2 enters directly into the body. Red blood cells  will absorb it as rapidly as oxygen  and this will cause a temporary decrease in blood oxygen.
DO NOT USE THIS METHOD if you have angina or if you depend on supplemental oxygen for breathing, or if you have shortness of breath, or if you have been using MMS internally above the 10 drop level during the past 2 hours.
When you drink a dose of MMS, ClO2 is generated slowly and gradually. Red blood cells absorb oxygen through the lungs normally, but maybe 20% of them do not absorb oxygen. A little later, when blood passes beyond the stomach, 20% of red blood cells which have not absorbed oxygen will ClO2 because it looks like oxygen to the red blood cells. So in normal MMS use (when drinking it), oxygen is still available to the body just as it is normally and the amount of ClO2 absorption is self-limiting because 80% (for example) of the red blood cells are supplying oxygen to the body as they normally do.
In conclusion: when breathing ClO2 as a gas freshly produced in a small cup, as it is held for a few seconds in the sinuses, nose, and vocal cords, it has immediate germicidal effects as it encounters germs and pathogens along the way, thus reducing the generation of mucus and phlegm.

It is extremely important to take precautions with this method and understand the risks of overdose:
1. Can cause loss of normal amount of oxygen to the brain and body.
2. The ClO2 gas that enters directly into the body, will QUICK KILL pathogens in the body and it is likely to result in immediate and severe feeling of nausea since the influx of dead pathogens enters the bloodstream too quickly.
3. Lung tissue may be attacked without your account.
4. You can pass out if you breathe MMS too deeply. The odor of the ClO2 gas is quite easy to breath. Unlike the bad taste of activated MMS in water, the odor of MMS is not bad enough to prevent overdosing. In fact you may think that nothing is happening and could be tricked into thinking that stronger doses or deeper breathing can be tolerated. BE THOUGHTFUL and DO NOT OVERDOSE.
Although you can conquer colds and sinus infections with the inhalation strategy, people are often left with
ticky congestion in the lungs. The body knows it shouldn't be there and involuntary coughing begins. MMS doesn't help you live through days of coughing, and in some cases the coughing can be life threatening even though the germs are being destroyed by normal doses of MMS.

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