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Asthma is a disease in which allopathic medicine has failed to identify the real causes, nor find an appropriate treatment. It treats only the symptoms that are manifested by severe inflammation of the airways, causing difficulty in breathing, coughing, choking through their self strangulation.
The causes of this disease are considered to be the of ereditary nature, statistically proven :only 6% of asthma patients  had healthy parents and the others had at least one parent with asthma.
This disease has the features of an allergy  that occurs suddenly, its occurrence being favored by certain triggers like dust, pollen, certain insects, in general inhaled particles that come into contact with airways mucous that has an inflamatory effect which is exacerbated in asthma patients. The disease occurs in adults and children equally and it can  theoretically be triggered anytime.
MMS can have a curative effect and this statement is based only on the testimony of people who have used it. Given the chronic nature of asthma, improving health with MMS will take a long time and that's why it must be persevered with multiple cycles of treatment paused inbetween them.

The general Protocol is reccomended

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