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How to make MMS capsules

How to Use Gel Capsules
You can overcome the bad taste of chlorine dioxide by diluting your dose with juice; or you can do it by taking your MMS in capsules. For a chart summarizing how to do the capsule calculations, see Use of Gel Capsules Below.

Step One: Making up a capsule
First make up or purchase a 50% solution of citric acid. For this method, you must use 50% one-to-one drops of citric and MMS. Capsules are too small to take the 5 drops of 10% citric acid required for each drop of MMS.

Obtain a wine glass with a dimple in the bottom. Many such glasses do not have the dimple, but enough of them do that you will be able to find one. The dimple is to contain the few drops needed to make the MMS mixture. Obtain size zero gel capsules. Most people can swallow size zero or even size 00 with no trouble.

After testing for many days, I have come to the conclusion that you don’t want to use more than 2 drops of MMS per capsule except in emergency situations, and in that case, you can use a larger capsule or you can use two capsules when you are taking 3 drops of MMS an hour.  Use 2 drops in on capsule and 1 drop in the second capsule.
· The reason for this is that you do not want 6 drops of highly concentrated MMS in your stomach at one time. The capsule may get up against your stomach lining and become painful or you will have vomiting, usually what they call projectile vomiting because the stomach really doesn’t like that kind of thing.

Step Two: Activate the MMS
Put 1 or 2 drops of MMS in the dimple of the wine glass and since you are using 50% citric acid, you will only need one or two drops of the citric to activate the MMS. You will be using one-to-one citric and MMS. Once you add the citric, wait 20 seconds. It will turn dark brown (that’s the chlorine dioxide).

Step Three: Add Water
If you are using 2 drops of MMS, add 8 drops of water and mix a bit. If you are using one drop of MMS, add 10 drops of water and mix a bit. That’s a total of 12 drops in both cases. If that is too much for the capsules use less drops of water such as 6 drops instead of 8.

Step Four: Fill the Capsule
Suck the liquid out of the dimple using an eye dropper, carefully drop it into the gel capsule, and slip the lid on the capsule.

Then wash the capsule down with about one glass of water or juice or a little more at first. If you feel like vomiting, drink another glass of water or juice. You must take this gel capsule right away as it will soon dissolve. Swallow it quickly, as you do not want it to dissolve in your mouth.

I have also determined that after several days, your system gets used to these capsules and you no longer feel like vomiting.

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