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Depression, anxiety and panic attacks

According to some recent medical studies, the ability of some fungus to thrive in our body is a lot bigger than it was previously thought and that's why they can directly affect our behaviour. There are examples in the world of nature of animals commiting suicide because of these fungal infections. These types of fungus can cause depression, anxiety and panic attacks in humans.

There are thousands of species of fungi. As an example Candida albicans or Aspergillus Niger are among the most common. Let's talk about the last as an example:
Candida albicans is a fungus that is present in each of us. It is found in surface membranes and mucous . In small quantities it is harmless, but when they proliferate that has a dramatic effect on your health, which can be devastating. It is one of the diseases not yet recognized as being the most prevalent in modern man. In a healthy body, Candida albicans, is found in our bodies in it's yeast form and is kept under control by friendly bacteria colonies. However, antibiotic treatment, such as those used in meat products, affects the delicate balance, chemical and biological, which exists in our body. Antibiotics can reduce and weaken the colonies of friendly bacteria, allowing Candida type fungi to flourish. Birth control pills, cortisone, can also disrupt this balance.

Candida feeds on sugar, carbohydrates, fermented foods such as beer, vinegar and sausage meat.
Candida releases toxins into the blood continuously, it has a devastating effect on the nervous system, immune system and so the symptoms appear.

- Depression
-Panic Attacks (sometimes lasting over 20 minutes ...)
- The desire for certain foods (sweets, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, etc.).
- Extreme fatigue or permanent.
- Obesity or excessive weight loss
- excessive Allergies
- Allergies to certain foods
- Migraine
- Irritability
- Forgetfulness
- Vaginal Problems
- intestinal gas and bloating
- Diarrhea or constipation
- PMS Premenstrual Syndrome
- Numbness and pain in joints
- Feeling foggy mind, and more ...

Candida affects physically, mentally and emotionally. Today, Candida may be one of the leading causes of mortality and obesity, slowly but surely as it leads to general deterioration of health. When candida invades our body we are always very eager to eat carbohydrates and sweets which nourishes the fungus and makes it stronger depleting our immune system and creating a variety of symptoms that may also be the excess weight or lack of weight.
Candida infection is difficult to diagnose because a form of yeast is present in every one of us. The best way to determine if we are affected by this fungus is to analyse our favourite diet and look closely at our simptoms and how we feel everyday. If you desire to eat sugar, bread or other carbohydrates in larger quantities than normal, and you experience any other symptoms or you just feel that you lack a general state of well being, chances that you could be infected with Candida are very high and therefore we must take into account a change in diet as a treatment against them.
Basically, this change consists in the consumption of vegetables and fish and natural protein from meat (not meat products), to avoid as much as possible carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol, fermented foods and even fruit juices as they contain fructose, a natural sugar. Also milk should be eliminated from the diet for a while because it contains lactose a natural sugar which feeds Candida.
This change in diet is not as simple as it sounds, because the desire to eat sugar and carbohydrates can be extremely powerful.
Once you grow out of sugar and carbs for a few days again begin to feel in control of the situation.

After several months, reintroduce fresh fruit in your diet. Fruits should be consumed only on an empty stomach.
Fruit is very easily digested and quickly move through the digestive system. However, if you eat a heavy meal with protein, fat or starch, do not eat fruit after a meal because it will ferment in the stomach, leading to poor digestion.
Fruit seeds may aggravate the situation when we deal with Candida. Candida can even feed on vitamins in fruits. You can also add brown rice in your diet. Continue for a few months to avoid foods containing yeast (such as bread, skim milk, wine and beer) to control the growth of fungi.
A program of herbal supplements is as important as changing diet.
There are several fungi in nature, which inhibits Candida albicans and are very useful in their treatment.
Once the candida has been eliminated from the body, balance of friendly bacteria acidophilus Can be restored (in yogurt and special supplements). The benefits of regaining a healthy lifestyle and normality are enormous. Clear thoughts, emotions and feelings  with aspirations towards happiness and the motivation to live and thrive amid optimism . In the future, if the symptoms will appear again, you know how to act immediately being aware that only through a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle you will always be young.
A small amount of Candida in the body is necessary, however and it is responsible for the decomposition of debris resulting from the digestion process. When our body is healthy, Candida albicans is in symbiosis with certain friendly bacteria colonies and under the strict control of the immune system to maintain a stable balance in the body.

Women who have a yeast infection (or are prone to infections, vaginitis or leukorrhea) should avoid refined foods, which are very nutritious for the fungus Candida. They should also avoid, refined sugar, fruits, fruit juices, refined carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages. (It is understood that the fruit should be avoided not only for the duration of the disease).

It is very important to say NO to antibiotics, because they tend to kill the friendly bacteria living in symbiosis with us and their disappearance means Candida can proliferate out of control ..MMS treatment was particularly effective in most cases of candidiasis. When MMS reduces or destroys the number of anaerobic fungi (which are acidic) that grow in the body then automatically the symptoms of depression or anxiety dissapear also. In extremely rare cases MMS can be combined with other treatments  against Candida fungi type, one of which was colloidal silver.

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